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  • n. Alternative spelling of collectivization.

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  • n. the organization of a nation or economy on the basis of collectivism


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  • Roedd yn cyfweld ag unigolion waneth wneud rhaglen ddogfen am 'collectivisation' yn y Weriniaeth Tsiec o dan y Comiwnyddion, ac am y 'Prague Spring' dwi'n meddwl! yn 1968.

    Chwilio am raglenni a ffilmiau dogfen da

  • "collectivisation" whereby all privately-held land in Ukraine was nationalised.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • It is a self-conscious casting off of the communist past, rejecting the failed experiments in collectivisation by explicitly making the "family farm" the foundation of the agrarian economy.

    Poland at a glance

  • That sort of collectivisation and communisation of incentives, however well-intentioned, is something that the American psyche is, on a long term basis, uncomfortable with.

    Matthew Yglesias » EFCA in International Comparison

  • Centre-left governments in certain countries seem to make more concessions to the masters of the capitalist universe in order to “get Wall Street on board” or “get the City comfortable” with their policies, while centre-right governments in other countries actually have an easier time maintaining or even expanding regulatory and fiscal controls that would be treated as the first step to collectivisation if they were proposed by the left.

    Matthew Yglesias » Is The Left in Crisis?

  • With its famous black soil, the Ukrainian steppe is one of the most fertile regions in world but the legacy of Soviet collectivisation means agriculture is not as efficient as in other countries.

    Grain oligarch says grain price rises 'hysterical'

  • To achieve this Mao advocated that a further round of collectivisation modelled on the USSR's "Third Period" was necessary in the Chinese countryside where the existing collectives would be merged into huge People's communes.

    The Mirage of Libertarian Populism, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • The programme that caused this biting hunger - the mass collectivisation of the farms - represented "true socialist morality", Che said.

    Johann Hari: This Endless Myth-Making About the Blood-Soaked Che Guevara Must Stop

  • As Kevin Phillips describes in Wealth and Democracy, WWI brought collectivisation of industry, concentration of wealth, an increase of debt (assets for the banksters), and standardization.

    Reviewing Ellen Brown's "Web of Debt:" Part II

  • Enforced collectivisation and Authoritarianism are no champion of property rights.

    A Death Waiting To Happen


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