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  • n. A portable box for holding artists' colors, brushes, etc.
  • n. An instrument, invented by Maxwell, for mixing the light of any three portions of the spectrum in any required proportions.
  • n. In calico-printing, a long trough, attached to a cylinder printing-machine, for holding a color to be applied to an engraved roller.


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  • Her absorption seemed so great that she sat down before her easel, opened her color-box, took up her brushes, drew on her brown sleeves, arranged her apron, looked at her picture, examined her palette, without, apparently, thinking of what she was doing.

    The Vendetta

  • Once in a while, I thought, to be just sufficiently sick to sit in the easy chair and look over mother's pretty things, or daub with her color-box, while people brought me oranges and waited upon me, did very well.

    A Grandmother's Recollections

  • Let us humble creatures be content to have our portraits done in crayon, but the colonel calls for the color-box.

    Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 11, No. 22, January, 1873

  • His rooms were bare of every salable object save the cheapest of necessary toilet articles, and a rather extravagant color-box and set of brushes.

    The Genius

  • Behind him came the valet, bearing the big square color-box, the camp-stool, and the clumsy field easel.

    Aunt Rachel

  • The resemblance in colors between these dresses and those of the male fullers above described may perhaps warrant a conjecture that there was some kind of livery or described dress belonging to the establishment, or else the contents of the painter's color-box must have been very limited.

    Museum of Antiquity A Description of Ancient Life

  • I was unconvinced by her arguments, but held my newly bought color-box as a means of proving to her the wisdom of my choice.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 97, November, 1865

  • The artist turned his attention instantly to his color-box.

    The Eyes of the World

  • When his sitter was posed to his liking, and the artist, with a few bold, sweeping, strokes of the charcoal had roughed out his subject on the canvas, and was bending over his color-box -- he said, casually, to put her at ease, "You came alone this afternoon, did you?"

    The Eyes of the World

  • Drawing Club, and her very superior camera, beautiful color-box, and other up-to-date equipments were immensely admired.

    A Popular Schoolgirl


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