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  • n. Surgical construction of an artificial excretory opening from the colon.
  • n. The opening created by such a surgical procedure.

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  • n. An incision into the colon to allow for drainage.
  • n. The opening produced in such incision.

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  • n. In surgery, the establishment of a permanent opening (artificial anus) into some portion of the colon.

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  • n. a surgical operation that creates an opening from the colon to the surface of the body to function as an anus


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colon +‎ -stomy.


  • The word colostomy is derived from Greek: ‘kolon’ which means large bowel, ‘stoumon’ which means to provide an opening, and ‘tome’ which means a cutting operation.

    a better woman

  • The same day, Ruth Sherman, 88, of Sunrise, Florida, was asked about a visible protrusion from her waist band, which she identified as her colostomy bag.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • And one thing that they do sometimes -- excuse me, a little bit of throat congestion -- they actually sometimes will divert some of the intestine into a bag -- it's called a colostomy bag -- so that actually the intestine gets a chance to heal, the abdominal cavity gets a chance to heal while that suture line is fixing itself.

    CNN Transcript Jan 16, 2007

  • One thing that helps in a situation like this -- and he may have had this done, it's hard to know for sure -- is actually to create what's known as a colostomy bag.

    CNN Transcript Jan 16, 2007

  • On good days I thought: my colostomy is my badge of honour, my medal of flesh.

    a better woman

  • A colostomy is your large bowel brought to the surface of your skin, cut open.

    a better woman

  • A colostomy is a surgical procedure that brings the large intestine through the abdominal wall. - Home Page

  • Body scanners produce strikingly graphic images, creating pictures of virtually naked bodies that reveal not only sexual organs but also intimate medical details such as colostomy bags and mastectomy scars.

    Mike German: Privacy Isn't the Price for Security

  • Treatment in severe cases can include colostimization, which is essentially bypassing the colon entirely by rerouting the large intestine into a colostomy bag, so that the anal cyst has a chance to heal without constant re-infection.

    Think Progress » VIDEO: The Extreme, Violent Rhetoric Of GOP Lawmakers

  • Many years in a wheelchair with a colostomy bag hanging from the back.

    Think Progress » Cheney: Telling Leahy to ‘f*ck’ himself was ‘sort of the best thing I ever did.’


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