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  • I am trying to find out how meny shares of stock, that I own in columba. com

    Think Progress » The Frist Stock Sale Timeline

  • Bozo The Neoclown says: hey pattycakes, you do know columba bush is a mexican who scurried across the border and received her citizenship as a result of marrying jeb bush and having anchor babies, right? right?

    Think Progress » New Study Estimates Mass Deportation Of Undocumented Immigrants Would Cost $285 Billion

  • Pigeon guillemot (Cepphus columba) populations began to increase within three to four years following fox removal at Kiska Island and 20-fold increases occurred in guillemot numbers at Niski-Alaid Island within 15 years of fox removal [74].

    Effects of climate change on the biodiversity of the Arctic

  • The name comes from the Latin columba, meaning ‘dove,’ and originally meant compartments for doves to live in.

    Her Fearful Symmetry

  • Introivit hic quis accipiter, columba exit; introivit lupus, ovis egreditur, &c. 6777.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Sed Dominus misericors est, et pius, ut columba: qui non solum coruos, imo et pullos coruorum pascit iuxta illud: qui dat iumentis escam ipsorum, et pullis coruorum inuocantibus eum.

    A Tender Age: Cultural Anxieties over the Child in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

  • Though domestic pigeons have been bred in an almost unimaginable variety of colors and shapes, feral pigeons - the escapees, refugees, or cast offs from the domestic cornucopia - return quickly, within a generation or two, and almost universally to the mixed shades of grey, black, and blue that their wild ancestor the Rock Dove columba livia has worn for millennia.

    Speaking of Symbionts..

  • Et non invenit columba requiem plantae pedis sui, et reversa est ad eum in arcam: quia aquae erant in superficie omnis terrae: et misit manum suam, et accepit eam, introduxitque eam ad se in arcam.

    Commentary on Genesis - Volume 1

  • Et venit ad eum columba tempore vespertimo, et ecce, folium olivae raptum erat in ore ejus, et cognovit Noah quod extenuatae essent aquae

    Commentary on Genesis - Volume 1

  • The suffixes - ārium, - ētum, - īle designate a place where objects _are kept_ or _are found in abundance_; as, -- columbārium, _dove-cote_ (columba); olīvētum, _olive-orchard_ (olīva); ovīle, _sheep-fold_ (ovis).

    New Latin Grammar


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