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  • adj. Of or pertaining to combinatorics; combinatorial

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  • n. The theory of the formation, enumeration, and properties of the combinations, permutations, partitions, and variations of a finite number of elements according to different given conditions.


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  • Now you understand that combinatoric is to exponential as exponential is to polynomial.

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Pondering Images

  • In terms of the blog post, this means that the number of * perceivable* (or differentially perceivable) pictures is much smaller than the combinatoric number, and compressions algorithms take advantage of that.

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  • Me: Five kids in the house = combinatoric explosion.

    We Have PhDs in Nerdiness | Live Granades

  • This should be qualified a bit however because it's not enough to explore a combinatoric space of possibilities, but rather one step of ordering higher, namely strategy/tactics of said possibilities.

    Can the Story Substitute For the Win Condition?

  • Game players want a rich strategic space preferably without combinatoric account which is why many eventually abandon checkers; they've seen all the strategies even if they've not seen most of the moves.

    Can the Story Substitute For the Win Condition?

  • Only midway through the book does it begin to start to feel like a math book, as it presents combinatoric theory, symmetry issues, and other kinds of mathematical studies.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • The 100 possibilities were then fed into the deductor combinatoric phase and some answers obtained which greatly resembled those he had meanwhile puzzled out on his own.

    Menace of the Mutant Master

  • By studying these students, the editors gain insight into the foundations of proof building, the tools and environments necessary to make connections, activities to extend and generalize combinatoric learning, and even explore implications of this learning on the undergraduate level.


  • Using item response theory and combinatoric analysis, the researchers identified the most sensitive and specific algorithm for the diagnosis of PGD.

    Health News from Medical News Today

  • I was still struggling to implement this in a recursive way that could handle unlimited depth and then I saw in a comment that Eric Wald came up with a solution: def combinatoric (n): def decorator (f):

    Planet Python


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