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  • Resembling a comet.
  • n. A name proposed in 1805 (but never adopted) for the asteroids, on account of their eccentric orbits.


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  • Carla Tynan got what she needed, at Louie-on-the-moon's request, and it's no surprise when he then asks her to go into the research files and silently kill four or five phrases that might lead Jameson to the cometoid retrieval project.

    Mother Of Storms

  • As had been confirmed by a couple of impact probes he had sent on ahead, 2026RU is a cometoid, a ball of ice, about 790 miles across, with a rock and iron core about 80 miles in diameter and many large embedded nodes of chondrite, methane, ammonia, and nitrogen ice, and various rocks and metals.

    Mother Of Storms

  • Louie-on-the-moon and the wiseguys could doubtless grab another cometoid -- with what they've learned they could grab Pluto and Charon if need be-but it would be some months 'delay, and, he repeats to himself, uselessly but every millisecond,

    Mother Of Storms

  • “We have confirmed,” he said, “that there is indeed a cometoid object on a trajectory that would intersect the inner Klastravo system within a few hours.

    Do Comets Dream?


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