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coming together


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  • n. A union.
  • n. A collision.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. the social act of assembling for some common purpose
  • n. the act of joining together as one


From come together (Wiktionary)


  • Suddenly he heard screams, male and female, signifying the coming together of two warriors at death-speed.

    A Bob Lee Swagger eBook Boxed Set

  • This predilection for medievalism coming together with the religious revival gave to the romantic movement a pronounced Catholic tendency.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6: Fathers of the Church-Gregory XI

  • So one of the results of the report was the creation ... or at least it fed in to the other events that were coming together to bring into being the Southern Conference on Human Welfare.

    Oral History Interview with Clark Foreman, November 16, 1974. Interview B-0003. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)

  • In order to combat the persistent but isolated and disĀ­organized defenders, Ranji's squad fragmented for flankĀ­ing purposes, coming together to engulf each pocket of resistance before spreading out again to make contact with those behind.

    The False Mirror

  • You are not likely to hear much about the coming together of neighborhood groups of different faiths to try to solve community problems, nor about lifelong atheist Anthony Flew becoming a believer, and certainly not about theistic evolution or the double rainbow seen over the city this afternoon.

    The Language of God

  • Drummers were hidden there like an orchestra concealed in a pit; other people were playing the guitar and the flute, all the instruments coming together in a strange blend of harmonies.

    The Demons Covenant

  • The beauty of seeing generations of Yankees fans coming together to enjoy: a dining experience from the best chefs our city offered; the thrill of our new ballpark; and of course, the daily excellence of Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and the rest of my favorite team, sent chills down my spine.

    One Season

  • And more; the way the people, young and old, were coming together and cooperating, it seemed evident that peace and harmony would soon prevail again at this old citadel of African Methodism: this fortress of religious enthusiasm: this source of manhood

    Unwritten History

  • They followed the burn as it flowed toward another, Liddelwater, where the two waters coming together formed the Park: home territory of the Elliots.

    Mary Queen Of Scotland And The Isles

  • In the ceaseless glare of the Sun, through the airless distance between them, six hundred and seventy-five thousand pounds of Phoenix One tilted, turned, and drifted toward the six hundred and seventy-five thousand pounds of Phoenix Two under the necessity of coming together with a touch so light that it would not have dimpled the bumper of a four-thousand-pound vehicle back on Earth's surface.

    The Far Call


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