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  • noun archaic mix, mixture


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  • David's thin, romantic, bronzed face, with its queer comminglement of adolescence and genius, was fortunately in the shadows cast by the curtains of the bed canopy.


  • Therefore by every plant which scatters its seed and by the moist warm garden which receives and nourishes it, by the comminglement of bloodshed with pleasure, by the joy that mimics anguish with sighs and shudderings, and by the contentment which mimics death, -- by all these do we invoke thee.

    Jurgen A Comedy of Justice

  • The other poet evinced an awkward comminglement of consternation and pity.

    The Certain Hour

  • No one of these people, as he reflected in a comminglement of yearning and complacency, had ever comprehended the real Felix Kennaston as he existed, in all his hampered strugglings and meannesses, his inadequacies and his divine unexercised potentialities.

    The Cream of the Jest: A Comedy of Evasions

  • The other poet evinced an awkward comminglement of consternation and pity.

    The Certain Hour

  • Villa Medici -- a liquid comminglement of Corot and Constable, as has been pointed out -- prove this man of protean gifts to have anticipated modern discoveries in vibrating atmospheric effects and colour-values.

    Promenades of an Impressionist

  • There, Mr. Editor, you have a pleasing comminglement of romance and colloquialism.

    Old Fogy His Musical Opinions and Grotesques

  • In a word, Velasquez was a puzzling comminglement of the classic and the realist.

    Promenades of an Impressionist

  • The shadows of the men, instead of an unintelligible comminglement with the dusk, were now sharp and distinct, and the light grotesquely duplicated them till the cave seemed full of beings who were not there a moment before -- strange gnomes, clumsy and burly, slow of movement, but swift and mysterious of appearance and disappearance.

    The Moonshiners At Hoho-Hebee Falls 1895

  • And that before it suffered comminglement with Errol’s noxious spit.

    Kalooki Nights


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