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  • v. To make something more complex; to complicate.

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  • v. make complex
  • v. have or develop complicating consequences


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

complex +‎ -ify


  • They contextualize, narrate, synthesize and integrate -- they "complexify," then they simplify -- boiling psychological matters down to their essence.

    The Full Feed from

  • They "complexify" the simple random walk model into an autoregressive model.

    The Reference Frame

  • It strives to complexify the heroic Romanticism with a darkness of tone that, at times, renders the worldscape almost existentialist in its aesthetics.

    Ethics and Enthusiasm

  • Some truths really are timeless or close enough to count, and it is often the voting masses and silent majorities that summon these truths when appellate judges, Fed bankers and assorted Ph.D.s begin to complexify them away.

    All Things To All People

  • AllThingsD reports that Groupon was pressing to file for its expected IPO as soon as this week, even before its bankers had a chance to complexify the situation.

    Fee Splits at Groupon Vary

  • They might overlay multiple outlines and complexify the work that way.

    Of Genres and Sub-Genres

  • Now, of course, I go back to the beginning, prune and enhance and simply and complexify and stamp out whatever inconsistancies I can find, and then, at last, turn it in, after which ... well, after which my editor will get back to me with more things that need reworking and rewriting.

    Book Give-Away Contest: Week 3 winner, final week begins!

  • But genuine transcendence is not anthropocentric -- animals have interiors that grow and complexify -- nor is it otherworldly, as interiors are inside of NATURE.

    Ross Robertson: The Inner Life: Nature And Transcendence

  • We might think that novel and flexible behaviours would cause problems, but we could theoretically complexify that control system as much as is required by evolution or learning, develop capacity for novel and flexible behaviours as a result of intricacy.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • If we grow and complexify a financial economy to a certain point, say through packed subprime mortgages, then at some point something happens and it all falls down.

    Pretty Green Lies


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