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  • This is a serious piece of machinery, a brooding masterpiece of computer-enhanced handling, sophisticated all-wheel-drive and quaint, galling force.

    Nissan GT-R: A 'Halo Car' With Devil's Horns

  • Nissan The Journal's Dan Neil calls the Nissan GT-R, "a brooding masterpiece of computer-enhanced handling, sophisticated all-wheel-drive and quaint, galling force."

    A Nissan Supercar

  • "Civilization", a video mural created for the new Standard hotel in New York City, depicts a journey from hell to heaven interpreted through modern film language using computer-enhanced found footage.

    June 22nd, 2009

  • Where the original film's prologue was a nicely 2D animated satire of a geek's sugar-fueled fantasy, 2 begins with the incorporation of a uniquely Asian storytelling style -- shadow puppetry -- brought to the 21st century through the addition of a delicate, computer-enhanced color palette.

    Dan Persons: The Sublime Syncretism of Kung Fu Panda 2

  • Using computer-enhanced pictures as a guide, the SG-1 team joined by his still-living fiancee, goes in search of Littlefield.

    Stargate SG-1 Watchathon - 'The Torment of Tantalus'

  • Launching the shuttle to fix the HST put the entire program at risk while NOT furthering this stated primary objective, i.e., finishing the ISS so we can move on (and afford) Constellation ... all in the context of there being other assets available (computer-enhanced ground observatories now, JWST later) to provide much the same data when the HST finally died.

    New York Times Weighs In on Bolden - NASA Watch

  • A Vatican researcher said late last year that faint writing on the linen, which she studied through computer-enhanced images, proves the cloth was used to wrap Jesus 'body after his crucifixion.

    Pope visits Turin Shroud, delivers meditation

  • After all, we're on the lip of what's called The Singularity -- an era in which ordinary people will be competing with half-human, computer-enhanced, virtually immortal cyborgs.

    Andrew Reinbach: Time for Another WPA

  • Before him was a computer-enhanced image of Brahma-Shiva, which not only still lingered like a malignant cloud over the equatorial region of the ringed planet, but had also just taken on a baleful, blue-green glow.

    Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire

  • As we take for granted our life in the computer-enhanced age, it is important we not forget the time when artistic imagination was self-generated.

    One From The Hart


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