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  • v. Present participle of concatenate.


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  • The function can be modified to take more than one parameter and perform some operation over the arguments (such as concatenating string, arithmetic operations with numeric parameters, and so on). Articles

  • Conversion to Mobipocket results in inlining and dropping stylesheet conventions, concatenating files together into a compressed address space binary that can be parsed by Palm-style lowlevel semantics.

    Shadow Unit: Episode 2×01 eBootleg | Spontaneous ∂erivation

  • In this museum setting, the folding screens — or byobu — are put to work partitioning a vast hall into four concatenating galleries.

    An Unfolding of Beauty

  • The Germans insist on concatenating words to make even longer words, so we got about a handful of paragraphs in before stumbling over Uberraschungablenkungsmanover, which is basically surprise distractions and manouevres.

    Old Man’s War, German and French Editions « Whatever

  • Hansen is concatenating two time series data Which climate has to be sets by “biassing” one, in terms of the other ?

    Hansen Frees the Code « Climate Audit

  • This means that there is always a potential problem about how reasoning, which seems to work by concatenating beliefs, links up to the motivations that desire provides.

    Moral Reasoning

  • The phylogenetic tree in figure 1 obtained with MEGA 3.1 is a neighbourhood joining tree obtained by concatenating 10 proteins from the ancestral group A.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • Movies, made possible by concatenating images and accelerating them beyond the limits of human perception, ultimately freeze the culture of their time.

    Freeze frame

  • Only in the case of my example, they went the distance with stupidity and annoyance by taking the images from each of the slide and concatenating them into one huge 1.5mb HTML file.

    Excel Pile - Anil Dash

  • Grant but this greatest gift of God to man -- this single link concatenating grant, and all the rest are worthless or comprised.

    Two Little Savages Being the adventures of two boys who lived as Indians and what they learned


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