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  • v. Present participle of conceal.

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  • adj. covering or hiding
  • n. the activity of keeping something secret


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  • This time, however, the accompanying product had been cut open, spiked with poison and resealed with the label concealing the incision.

    The Jigsaw Man

  • Shinichi shrinks back to Conan, Heiji assists in concealing this secret by taking Shinichi to the hotel restroom.

    Detective Conan: Manga File 654 – The end of “The Return” arc « Undercover

  • This makes me think of the generally good job Pixar has done in concealing their films from the public in the past couple years.

    New Poster: Pixar’s Up | /Film

  • The part Mr. Speaker Martin has played in the business of concealing from the gaze of the taxpayer just how far he and his chums have managed to get their snouts in the trough has become considerably clearer.

    Porker News from The Eatanswill Gazette

  • We could debate endlessly the role of such squeamishness in concealing and exacerbating the problem with race relations in both Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania.

    Storming the media bastille « BuzzMachine

  • Such a congruity can be realized if the aesthetic, which plays such a key role in concealing violence for de Man, is renamed history: it is ultimately the transparency of a text that authorizes access to social history.

    Aesthetic Violence and the Legitimacy of Reading Romanticism

  • In the meantime, Saddam works hard to elude that fate by hiding behind the high walls of his palaces, sleeping as little as possible (and never in the same place for more than one night at a time), and scrupulously concealing from the public such signs of aging and vulnerability as his graying hair, his bad back, and his worsening eyesight.

    It's Not Easy Being Mean

  • Furthermore, given everything he knew about the success so many "crypto-Communists" and "fellow-travelers" enjoyed in concealing their true beliefs, it makes perfect sense that he would have considered it his patriotic duty to warn the IRD against certain writers who might allow themselves to be recruited precisely in order to undermine the agency from within.

    Revenge of the Smelly Little Orthodoxies

  • Yet, I found SIGINT evidence of Lao government involvement in concealing evidence from Pha Thi that would answer some of the questions regarding the men at Site 85.


  • Whether the attending physicians were swayed by her pleas or not, they joined in concealing the cause of death; it remained a secret, so far as the public was concerned, until 1938 when Irving Stone's Sailor on Horseback was published.



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