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  • n. Same as conch.


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  • I remember when Charlie was born, checking him for all ten fingers and toes, studying his delicate pink lips and the conch-shell curviness of his ears.

    Left Neglected

  • Since Marcel doesn't have a body, dress in a neutral, conch-shell color -- this American Apparel bodysuit ($24) is perfect.

    Michelle Madhok: Reach Halloween Costume Infamy as Viral Video: Marcel the Shell With Shoes on

  • The high notes of the Coosa hilishaya carried on the smoky and humid air, followed by the distinctive timbre of a conch-shell horn.

    Fire The Sky

  • There is Princess Gloriana amid sea demigods with conch-shell trumpets and mer-people and fishes of every size from sprat to leviathan.


  • The metal formed three "loops" on one side caused by the snake, an arm holding a conch-shell and the discus.

    Startling CIA findings on Longevity & Hindu Spiriualism: Sure to Make you feel Thrilled

  • Each divine being is assigned special shapes, colors, and/or identifying objects, such as lotus, conch-shell, thunderbolt, and begging bowl.


  • He settled for a conch-shell floating on the water.

    Duma Key

  • It was 9.5 this morning when I set off to the stream-side to my weeding; where I toiled, manuring the ground with the best enricher, human sweat, till the conch-shell was blown from our verandah at 10.30.

    Vailima Letters

  • Nothing less, it seemed, was going to convince him that the outer shell of the man he'd met hid a totally different creature inside, rather like a beautiful spiky and shiny conch-shell hiding the slippery slug-like mollusc inside, a gastropod inching along on its stomach.


  • She just stood there fidgeting, the ansoopial koksaghyz, fixed upon the ceiling from which the bamboo had flown, stood there wrapped like a conch-shell burrito in the purple-red dyes of Canaan/Phoenicia, stood there for several minutes, picking at her seat, regarding the fresh plaster, until at exactly 3: 00 P.M., at precisely the moment that the New York kicker's toe met the ovoid flank of the virgin football, the orchestra struck up her tune.

    Skinny Legs and All


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