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  • n. A large protein complexes that plays a central role in chromosome assembly and segregation in eukaryotic cells


condense +‎ -in (Wiktionary)


  • ES cells lacking the condensin subunits accrued massive amounts of DNA damage that resulted in cell death. - latest science and technology news stories

  • The new study, by Thomas Fazzio and Barbara Panning (University of California, San Francisco) finds that two chromatin regulatory proteins essential for ES cell survival, Smc2 and Smc4, together form the heart of the condensin complexes that promote chromosome condensation in mitosis and meiosis. - latest science and technology news stories

  • The lower copy strains were also more vulnerable to damage because a key protein regulating protein assembly, condensin, was impaired.

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  • It appears that the additional copies of rDNA both reduce the ability of transcription to interfere with DNA repair and provide, through the action of condensin, templates for the recombination-based repair of replication-induced damage.

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  • We demonstrate that transcription inhibition is necessary for complete chromosome disjunction, because ribosomal RNA (rRNA) transcripts block condensin binding to rDNA, and show that bypassing the role of Cdc14 in nucleolar segregation requires in vivo degradation of nascent transcripts.

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  • The persistence of unrecovered syntelic attachments also indicate that there is apparently a constitutive defect of Aurora B activity at centromeres upon condensin depletion, in addition to the tension-specific defect

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  • Hirota T, Poser I, Peters JM (2007) Aurora B controls the association of condensin I but not condensin II with mitotic chromosomes.

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  • Hirano M, Myers MP, Neuwald AF, et al. (2003) Differential contributions of condensin I and condensin II to mitotic chromosome architecture in vertebrate cells.

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  • Freeman L, Aragon-Alcaide L, Strunnikov A (2000) The condensin complex governs chromosome condensation and mitotic transmission of rDNA.

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  • Gerlich D, Koch B, Ellenberg J, Peters JM (2004) Distinct functions of condensin I and II in mitotic chromosome assembly.

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