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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of condone.


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  • "You are convicting us of wrongdoing for something that our religion condones, which is standing by fellow Muslims against the American occupiers of Muslim land in Afghanistan," he said, raising his right arm and pointing his finger at the three-man tribunal. Chronicle

  • As such, whether he "condones" the ad or not is not relevant, and, in my view, it would not be proper to ask.

    Election Central | Talking Points Memo | Pentagon: Rudy Ad's Use Of Petraeus Image Done "Without His Consent"

  • "Sin Wagon" condones "mattress dancin '," and blasphemously interpolates the gospel classic "I'll Fly Away"; in "Goodbye Earl," Thelma-and-Louise-like friends poison an abusive husband's black-eyed peas.

    Good Old Grrrls

  • One NGO representative at the Review meeting commented to Ekkklesia about the Iranian leader's contribution: "Many of us agree that Israeli government policy amounts to apartheid, but we also despise the anti-semitism that Ahmadinejad condones [nb: only" condones "] and his appallling human rights record.

    Telegraph Blogs

  • The UN resolution condones whatever means necessary to prevent a humanitarian outrage.

    Stephen Herrington: Libya -- It Can Work

  • Washington directly and indirectly condones the Saudi view by arming, financing and defending groups and governments who target Iran and Shia populations, only some of whom may have a natural affinity with a Shia-majority state like Iran.

    Sharmine Narwani: Three Mideast Stink Bombs

  • My observation is Aurora's reputation attracts degenerates to its festivals and would be debauchers from the surrounding communities where they feel they can come and immerse themselves in a degenerate sub-culture in an environment that condones permissive behavior.

    Meet the Press | Health Reform, Jobs

  • This doesn't mean that this silent or ambivalent majority condones murderous acts by extremist fanatics, far from it.

    Ziad J. Asali, M.D.: Honesty and Hypocrisy in Facing Terrorism

  • White institutions created it, white institutions maintain it, and white society condones it.

    Burial for a King

  • So far you claimed that homosexuality was “immoral” because the bible said so, but I pointed out that the bible says slaves should behave and directly condones slavery.

    Think Progress » Missouri lawmaker: Allowing gays to serve openly increases a military’s casualty rate.


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