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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of confine.


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  • Thus was my Person confin'd, but my Griefs enlarg'd; I had lost my Father, and was believ'd to be his Murtherer; I had follow'd


  • For which Cause Marcellus confin'd his Son to his Apartment, consulting in the mean Time with Lucullus what


  • Thus you vertuous Pretenders please your Vanity, and pride your selves in giving Laws to the World; and this it is engages you to accept of Fabius for an Husband; for very well I know, that your Inclinations are not towards him; therefore I hope you will not refuse your Deliverer, who has generously taken you out of this Prison of Formality, in which you must have been confin'd for your whole Life.


  • Thus I was conveigh'd to the Sea − Coast, where we immediately embark'd, and in few Hours arriv'd in Sicily, at the aforesaid Castle, where I was confin'd to an Apartment very richly furnish'd, and pleasantly situated, yet still it was a Prison, and that Thought render'd all Things disagreeable.


  • Clodius's Wound confin'd him long to his Bed, and was so bad, that the Surgeons despair'd of his Recovery.


  • Trifles of my Sex, wherewith to entertain my self in Solitude; and likewise, when Age and Infirmities confin'd my dear Mother within-doors, and very much to her Chamber, I paid my Duty to her with

    A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies

  • Stoick as I thought myself, he so far lik'd my Person and Humour, that altho 'he had been a very loose Liver, he began to think he could endure to put on Shackles, and be confin'd to one: But being perfectly a Stranger, and knowing not well how to introduce himself into my farther Acquaintance, he took this odd Method.

    A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies

  • Thus is the earth one infinite plane, and not as apparent To the weak traveler confin'd beneath the moony shade.

    'If the acts have been perform'd let the Bard himself witness': William Blake's Milton and MOO space

  • We can close our eyes in ways we simply cannot close our ears — "vision is far more directional than hearing, which is not 'To such a tender ball as th'eye confin'd' ... [but instead] more 'diffus'd'"

    Sounds Romantic: The Castrato and English Poetics Around 1800

  • It is elegantly said, the King's anger is as a roaring lion, which Description of it is confin'd to Kings, only as to its Efficacy; it is strong, though not as successful in other

    Romantic Anger and Byron


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