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  • n. A discussion


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From confabulation


  • The world knew Len Hutton advertised both the downmarket Black Cat cork tipped and Phillips's "Special Sport" tipped, but now we noticed, detached in sole private conflab with one friend, the pale maestro was chainsmoking upmarket John Player untipped.

    Cricket & Tobacco: A Match Made on a True Pitch

  • On Thursday I attended the quarterly local librarian's conflab (I'm not sure it actually HAS a real name, but it's when all the school and public librarians in the area get together to chat discuss professional issues - it was at the Mary Ryan Bookshop/Coffee shop and was very pleasant - and professional interaction - woo!).

    The week that was

  • The sashes were getting a bit rotten and would have needed replacing soon, but Bogna and Krszysz had a conflab and decided the whole thing had to go.

    May 16th, 2009

  • After a bit of a conflab, which probably verged on marital disharmony and Ben would have joined in, we decided that short of climbing on the roof to retrieve, the best we could do was to try and join the rods back together and push the brush out of the top of the chimney.


  • If I go to any convention at a Marriott this year, it will be the D.A.R. conflab in Washington, DC.

    Faeries Send a Message/Moneymakers Send One Too

  • Some Con spokeswoman sorry I didn't catch the caption explains live from Birmingham that George Osborne had been trying in vain to catch the Prime Minister's eye or get connected to his phone for a collegial conflab.

    Con-Watch: GOO NOT Being Left Out of the Loop

  • I didn't say anything except "Good evening," and left them to their little conflab.


  • How did it go at the conflab with the NRA types, like Instapundit?

    Are we having Fund yet?

  • He keeps buried there, in the backyard of the only trailer house ever brought there, a huge cargo net full of 75-year-old Armagnac that washed ashore after a French floating wine bar was sunk just offshore by some Japanese Imperial rowboatists in the early days of the Pacific conflab, Xmas 1941, to be exact, and we know how thegrowlingwolf loves being exact.

    Period of Adjustment

  • A quick conflab between the band, and they launch into Container Drivers, instrumental for a fair bit until MES appears.



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