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  • v. Present participle of congeal.


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  • Re the "rapidly congealing conventional wisdom": "rapidly congealing" is probably the operative state.

    Moving Forward on Health Care - Swampland -

  • When the water evaporates a kind of congealing process sets in, -- a sort of atmospheric change, don't you know?

    The Stillwater Tragedy

  • South Korea's sex ratio at birth reached 115 to 100 in the 1990s but has since fallen back to 107, thanks to what Mr. Eberstadt calls a "spontaneous and largely uncoordinated congealing of a mass movement for honoring, protecting and prizing daughters."

    The Mounting Tragedy of Missing Baby Girls

  • “Come on,” I whisper to my mother, still planted in the kitchen chair in front of her plate of cold congealing meat.

    The Memory Palace

  • The bathroom was streaked with red, bloody towels congealing in the bottom of the tub like bandages on a clotting wound.

    Rogue Oracle

  • Her lobster tail is getting cold, drawn butter congealing.

    The Scientist's Wife

  • Or do we all agree to take a stand, here and now, against so many of our beloved basic cable networks all congealing into variations on two basic themes: The Movie and TV Rerun Network or The Deeply Depressing Cheap-o Reality TV Network?

    The Weather Channel to show movies? Hail no! |

  • All these years, it's been festering and congealing ......

    Sanford on Wilson: 'It's time to move on'

  • But I think at this point it's pretty much congealing around Romney and Gingrich.

    Grading the Field

  • Here was evidence, then, that wireless is congealing into an AT&T and Verizon duopoly, right?

    Wi-Fi and the Mobile Meltdown


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