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  • n. Plural form of constancy.


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  • It should be noted that the other historically influential attempts to account for the constancies was the sense-datum theory, which (in the case of the table) would posit a sense-datum that really is shiny and white, in addition to the brown table itself.

    The Contents of Perception

  • These were not perturbations of the soul, but rather 'constancies'; they were not opposed to reason, but were rather part of reason.

    Guide to Stoicism

  • There are biological constancies -- we all have navels and really ugly pinkie toenails. ...

    A twisted tale: Gene ties himself in knots, over knots

  • The man must obey the ‘seven deficiencies’ follow the ‘eight benefits’ and observe the ‘five constancies.’

    Internet happens. « Love | Peace | Ohana

  • What determines the success of a society in securing order is how well adapted it is to nature's constancies.


  • Natural dao (often translated heavenly dao) is akin to what we would consider the constancies of science.


  • That they “are walked” shows they are, in that sense, compatible with natural constancies.


  • The problem presented by the constancies is to show how it is that the constant and varying features don't conflict in such a way as to make the experience falsidical (for having contradictory contents).

    The Contents of Perception

  • Here there were a few constancies, a family portrait, a picture of her parents 'home, a framed cloth hand-embroidered with the Star of David and "A good journey to you, Hanny, beloved" in Hebrew.


  • From very early the child has means of expressing the achieved constancies of his experience.

    A Psychological Issue


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