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  • adj. It is clearly evident; It is certain, without a doubt.
  • n. A certificate for a court discharge.
  • n. An exemplification under seal.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A certificate showing what appears upon record touching a matter in question.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In England: A certificate given by the auditors of the Exchequer to a person who intends to plead or move for a discharge of anything in that court. The effect of it is to certify what appears upon the record respecting the matter in question.
  • n. An exemplification under the great seal of the enrolment of letters patent.


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Latin cōnstat


  • Through the constat look out and acceptance/denial cycle we fall into we are always looking for some sort of “greater” happiness - the idea of happiness is humans worst kind of drug.

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  • « Ce constat confirme la situation dénoncée par l'ex-premier ministre du Québec, Jacques Parizeau, en septembre dernier.

    There's a reason the Blogging Tories are so stupid.

  • Spiritu Sancto cecinit repletus, in Dei factum genitrice constat esse Maria.

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  • Not to mention the movie had some of the most unintimidating villians, some of the worst side characters ever in an Indy movie see helpless blonde woman that never serves a purpose to the story outside of bitching and needing saved ever second and the constat abominations like the beginning of the movie that came in like Indiana jones the musical.

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  • I'm not sure why they think it was Richard Hunne's copy -- one of the photographs shows a sixteenth-century ownership inscription which appears to read 'Iste liber constat Thome Towne de can't read the last word; looks like 'Haloglyon'', but nothing that obviously connects it with Hunne.

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  • I did exactly the same constat after years in a big advisory group in France.

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  • Ce constat a été à la base de la création de, il y a des années de cela.

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  • Nam si ovium lacte hoedi, aut caprarum agni alerentur, constat fieri in his lanam duriorem, in illis capillum gigni severiorem.

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  • Totus hic ignis Zelotypia constat, &c. maxime amores inde nascuntur.

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  • Ex quibus constat nec diversa aeris et aetheris diaphana esse, nec refractiones aliunde quam a crasso aere causari — Non dura aut impervia, sed liquida, subtilis, motuique Planetarium facile cedens.

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