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  • n. Plural form of constitutionalist.


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  • The Tea Partiers and the radical libertarians cast themselves as so-called "constitutionalists" -- possessed with unique insight into the original meaning intended by the Framers and dedication to defending the Constitution's words against those who would ignore them in pursuit of progressive social policies.

    Dennis A. Henigan: Message to Progressives: Reclaim the Constitution!

  • Those, however, who had not taken the prescribed oath, were in general more popular than what were called the constitutionalists, and the influence they were supposed to exert in alienating the minds of their followers from the new form of government, supplied the republican party with a pretext for proposing their banishment.

    A Residence in France During the Years 1792 1793 1794 and 1795

  • The press has obliged with stories about GOP "constitutionalists" and Delaware witches.

    The Biggest Election Myths of 2010

  • The anti-prop-8 "constitutionalists" have been blocking access to the Mormon temple in Oakland.

    Hey, California voters. Let's talk about how to vote on the 12 propositions you've got on the ballot.

  • He urged all "constitutionalists" in Parliament, including the chairman of the National Assembly's justice committee Johnny de

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • They prefer to be called "constitutionalists," a label that refers to their belief that current legal practice has drifted away from the principles outlined in the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of

    The Warring Visions of the Religious Right

  • Sarah Palin, insurance company lobbyists, "constitutionalists" who have not read the Constitution, Medicare recipients who oppose government-run health care, crazy "birthers" who claim President Obama was born in another country, a contingent of outright racists (come on, people, let's be real) and a bunch of fat-cat professional politicians pretending to be

    Redskins Insider Podcast -- The Washington Post

  • Tyrant's Face-has identified two distinct though sometimes overlapping elements within the movement: the "constitutionalists" and the "millenarians."

    Latest Articles

  • Coakley case presents for conservatives, many of whom consider themselves "constitutionalists" who believe that states 'rights should trump federal regulation.

    Boston Phoenix -

  • There are white supremacists, "constitutionalists," tax protesters and religious soldiers determined to kill people to uphold "Christian" values.

    ThreatsWatch: RapidRecon


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