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  • adj. That may be construed


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  • I took out that part about “allowing me to post” as that might be snarky. and I can just see them deleting the whole comment on the content, because of one teeny part that was snarko-construable.

    Is Gavin Schmidt Honest? « Climate Audit

  • Orange Free State -- a proceeding which is carried out by all military authorities of any pretensions to prudent activity in the information department, and no more construable into actual hostile intentions than are other geographical surveys for general instructions or for school use.

    Origin of the Anglo-Boer War Revealed (2nd ed.) The Conspiracy of the 19th Century Unmasked

  • Lest he be taken unawares the reader of that pamphlet would do well to note the significant fact in connection with those preferred accusations and aspersions that not a single act construable to the prejudice of

    Origin of the Anglo-Boer War Revealed (2nd ed.) The Conspiracy of the 19th Century Unmasked

  • Colonel Ryder's indignation was curbed, however, by the bookmaker, who, having no views, but seeing an opportunity for fun, brought up reinforcements of chaff and slang, easily construable into profanity, and impregnated with terse humour.

    Mrs. Falchion, Volume 1.

  • This hasn't changed: an overwhelming majority of PC press iPad reviews mix faint and deeply reluctant praise with enthusiastic emphasis on anything even remotely construable as a negative.

    Resources | ZDNet

  • Yet we were very careful, and should now be even moreso, not to allow the notion of "partial-OA" -- which is on a direct slippery-slope in which TA (toll-access) too would become construable as just another form of partial-OA!

    Open Access Archivangelism

  • It is more than appalling that during a week when it was revealed that the White House was the actual venue for discussions about the details of how to use "enhanced techniques" (Bush's words) to torture terrorism suspects, a fact that implicates the president, the vice president, the Department of Justice, and nearly half of his cabinet in construable war crimes, the most important thing that the media and the pundits can talk about is a few sentences that Sen. Obama uttered in California.

    Hillary Hits Obama: "Pennsylvanians Don't Need A President Who Looks Down On Them"

  • His malice would seem discernible against the Boer nation, the people who continued in the simple faith which had been kept by their ancestors despite the persecutions heaped upon them in France and by the oppressor of Holland; he must have viewed with growing rage the designs of a gracious Providence surrounding that very people with the blessings of security and peace and accumulations of unparalleled riches, all construable as in compensation for the sacrifices so willingly submitted to by their forefathers and for their own fidelity to the faith.

    Origin of the Anglo-Boer War Revealed (2nd ed.) The Conspiracy of the 19th Century Unmasked

  • When I see Mr. Obama beaming in the company of Teddy Kennedy, I see this contest going negative this way as the greatest spectacle of the pot calling the kettle “black” gee I hope that isn’t construable as “racist” that has yet been contrived to insult my intelligence.

    The Early Word: Last Chance for Pennsylvania - The Caucus Blog -


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