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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of convect.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Transferred, as heat, by means of a convection current.


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  • To make matters worse, the high Kunlun and Himalayan ranges acted as a chimney for water vapor to be convected high into the stratosphere instead of being trapped at a lower level and released as rain or snow.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • North Atlantic Deep Water is formed by the mixture of waters produced by thermohaline ventilation in the Arctic Mediterranean, entrained Atlantic water, and water convected in the Labrador Sea.

    Anticipated changes in physical conditions in the Arctic

  • Doesn't what the Wood experiment show, and you and Rabett confirm, that IR radiation leaving a black body is absorbed by either Water Vapour or CO2, almost instantaneously, certainly below the level of Wood's Glass sheet,and then convected to the glass sheet where it is conducted outwards.

    Eli Rabett and RW Wood

  • It seems to me that it is almost impossible to have an actual lapse rate much exceeding the DALR because large amounts of energy would be convected upward.

    Gerry North's Suggested Reading on Climate Models « Climate Audit

  • And if you increase the heat convected to the CO2, then the Cp of the CO2 will increase also, making the divisor higher than the dividend.

    Unthreaded #13 « Climate Audit

  • And if you increase the heat convected to the CO2, then the Cp of the CO2 will increase also, making the dividend higher than the splitter.

    Unthreaded #13 « Climate Audit

  • But if a warming surface adds water vapor to the atmosphere, it will also increase the amount of heat energy convected into the high troposphere and will increase the ability of the atmosphere to produce clouds or to produce thicker cloud layers.

    Mann: "I Am Not A Statistician" « Climate Audit

  • All gases are convected in up to 500 subgrid cumulus clouds in each column of each nested grid of each nested layer.

    Climate Models – the Next Generation « Climate Audit

  • To be noted that the extra insolation directly heats the surface and especially the oceans, while the loss of heat to space is from higher altitudes, where water vapor is convected, resulting in a less heat dissipated to higher latitudes.

    HAnsen and Schmidt: Predicting the Past – Continued « Climate Audit

  • About the trends: The models (including the Hadcm3 model used by T&T) all calculate that tropospheric air temperatures should warm in lockstep or faster than the surface air temperatures, because air with increased GHGs must warm first (by trapped IR), before more heat can be re-emitted/convected to the surface.

    Bring the Proxies Up to Date!! « Climate Audit


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