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  • n. Plural form of convolution.


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  • A non-angry aspect of them has also been suggested as the origin: the tortuous wanderings of rivers in the plains, like the Meander, that recall the convolutions of the serpent.

    Old Calabria

  • In the innocent butterfly, who lives on the juice of flowers, the digestive tube terminates externally in a sort of _trunk, _ twisted in several convolutions, which is nothing more than an exaggerated elongation of the two jaws, which become hollow within, and form a tube when joined together.

    The History of a Mouthful of Bread And its effect on the organization of men and animals

  • In the lower and smaller forms of placental Mammals the surface of the cerebral hemispheres is either smooth or evenly rounded, or exhibits a very few grooves, which are technically termed 'sulci,' separating ridges or 'convolutions' of the substance of the brain; and the smaller species of all orders tend to a similar smoothness of brain.

    Lectures and Essays

  • The book's longer, second part, called "Eastern Voices," describes the convolutions in Gilmore's court trial, the legal appeals and his successful quest to be executed by firing squad.

    Literary Tales Of Real-Life Crimes

  • Like insects disappearing into the convolutions of some gorgeous gigantic orchid, so they disappeared, as beard and crest and spray and jewels, in many tons, crashed and thundered down just where they had disappeared the moment before, but where they were no longer.


  • And even in plays with twists and turns and convolutions of the storyline such as Bartholomew Fair where the names of the characters -- Littlewit, Winwife, Quarlous -- tell us what they are, their games of language and wordplay make the plot -- Puritans and rogues meet up at a county fair and fun and thievery ensue -- secondary to the fun and revelry.

    Play on Words

  • Traditional arrow-based vector plots, new methods based on automatic streamline placement, support for vector glyphs, and high-resolution images produced using line integral convolutions are all now supported.

    Wolfram Blog : 2009 : January

  • In the film "Connected" we're informed our cranium is too small to accommodate the convolutions of gray matter we're producing with our hyper-expanding awareness.

    Ann Reynolds: Leonardo Was A Transhumanist

  • It's not the generic plot that's so memorable, even though its convolutions are clever enough, or the cast of mostly interesting characters, but the surreal swirl of form and color that frequently fills the enormous screen.

    Stylish Spectacle Makes This 'Mission' Possible

  • Cetaceans possess large, complex four-lobed brains, much larger brains in comparison to our smaller human three-lobed brains, with more convolutions on the neo-cortex area than our own.

    Deborah Bassett: "Whale Murder" in the Faroe Islands: 100 Pilot Whales Slain for Cultural Tradition


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