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  • n. Alternative spelling of cop-out.

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  • n. a failure to face some difficulty squarely


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  • A big copout is to throw on some sort of jersey and be a sports figure.

    Mike Gellman: All Hallows' Sleeve

  • It can be called a 'copout'-It has no deadline for an agreement in 2010, no certainty that it will be legally binding, "he told journalists.

    Grist - the Latest from Grist

  • This belief that moderation must be some kind of copout is what is driving Democratic voters to the left and Republican voters to the right.

    Book review: 'The Upper House' by Terence Samuel

  • President Bush's national security adviser, Steven Hadley, says it would be a "copout" for countries to boycott the formal start of the games.

    CNN Transcript Apr 13, 2008

  • Let's hope that his conversion is real and not a "copout". -- RSS feeds -- New Hampshire news, business and sports

  • Lost will go: with lots of people shouting "copout" and claiming that the creators of those shows, despite being lauded by fans just a few seasons ago as Dr. Manhattan-esque walking man-gods, were obviously just making up all this crap as they went along.

    TV Squad

  • However, a majority ofthe voting public as of today believethat passing this legislation in "two separate stages" is nothing more than a "copout" in relation tothe "Public Option Plan in favor of the HealthIndustry andareinsisting that the" Public Option "plan MUST be included in it's entirety withinthe" First Stage "of anyHealth Care legislationin this very year of 2009 regardless of what the Republican or Blue Dog Democratpoliticians may sayor do.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Why The Public Option Plan Should Be The First Segment of any Health Care Bill

  • Bachmann's incredible copout is about as believable as Joan Rivers running for president and suddenly claiming that she never told jokes.

    Wayne Besen: Leading GOP Candidates Run Away From the Gay

  • Some of those 51% include people like myself, who believe the plan represents a giant, limp-wristed copout ... and who, after years of study of the health care industry and the laws surrounding it, know for a fact that single-payer is the only TRUE solution.

    Public option pullback?

  • Lots of shots of arms-over-shoulders, dark bars and hallways, sexless flirting, smooching, and rolling about are used instead as a copout, standing in for the heat that isnt there.

    Oscar night ennui


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