copper-skinned love


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  • The first tourists found the neighborhood people surprisingly attractive—tall and copper-skinned with shining black hair, but excitable and "stupid as garden poles."

    The Mecca of Black America

  • On the cover, a well-built man, dressed only in a scabbard, defended a statuesque, copper-skinned woman against a great white ape with two sets of arms.

    Shortcut Man

  • Where would he be now, the poor copper-skinned invader, in what hut or trailer did he lodge, with his plastic beaker of pot noodles and his foreign beer?

    Margaret Drabble | Trespassing

  • Being a sinewy, six-foot, 140-pound, copper-skinned beauty, she was used to strangers trying to get her number.

    Dirtier Than Ever

  • I picked up a magazine, opened a dog-eared page, and saw a fashion spread of gorgeous, copper-skinned Thomas Cook in designer clothes.

    Haunted Honeymoon

  • Yet how could the copper-skinned Meso-Americans possibly believe that these hairy, white-skinned invaders were in any way connected with them either on the human or divine level?

    The Quetzalcoatl "Trinity"

  • He walked to the group of goths standing in front of the window by the radiator and, lifting a hand, touched the shoulder of a dark-haired, copper-skinned girl.


  • Timmy rugged copper-skinned hunter elf blackwing sends this message to the staff, from room #21776 At the Bottom of a Dark Shaft

    Cat Rambo

  • Durham vividly captures the frenzy of ancient warfare -- battle-maddened pachyderms, hails of javelins and arrows, ordered ranks of Roman light infantry crumbling before Hannibal's mercenary army of 'copper-skinned' Libyans, tattooed and dreadlocked Numidians and blond, blood-drinking Gauls.

    The Pride of Carthage: Summary and book reviews of The Pride of Carthage by David Anthony Durham.

  • A little copper-skinned boy, maybe four or five years old, wearing only a pair of denim shorts, darted across the road as if he were playing chicken with Sean.

    The Triangle Conspiracy


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