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  • n. Any living organism that feeds on feces, or fecal matter.


Based on Ancient Greek (Wiktionary)


  • I wouldn't put it past a Democrat to go after the coprophage or the child molester vote if they could swing it without alienating some other part of their voting base.

    Gary Hart reviews Barack Obama's book.

  • Daniel Mendelsohn does a good job of teasing out the implications of this strategy in his review of The Kindly Ones (the title being a direct reference to the "furies" of Aeschylus's play, who are transformed at the end of the play into "kindly ones"), and while I agree with Mendelsohn that Littell employs the strategy skillfully, I can't agree that the problem it causes is that, in portraying Aue as "a sex-crazed, incestuous, homosexual, matricidal coprophage," it works against the historical portrayal of Aue as a "human brother."

    Point of View in Fiction


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