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  • n. someone with a marked interest in excrement, especially the use of feces or filth for sexual excitement.
  • adj. having to do with a marked interest in excrement, especially the use of feces or filth for sexual excitement.


Compound of Ancient Greek κόπρος (kopros, "excrement") + φιλία (philia, "love") + suffix -c. (Wiktionary)


  • BTW, "dung" is in the King James Bible (aka God's Word according to some literalists), whereupon we find this coprophiliac passage in Isaiah 36: 12:

    THE.... Sodomite Hal Duncan!!

  • Then used as a buttwipe by Althouse's favorite gay coprophiliac.

    Socks died.

  • I think the tories are propably greatful not to have got the coprophiliac Oaten and his receeding hairline.

    Careless Talk Costs Defections

  • Scottie is a whole ‘nother level of press fighter–he’s a coprophiliac vacuum, and he makes it actually not worth watching White House press conferences.

    Firedoglake » Rove to Rescue the Weakling in the White House

  • I confess to having spent an hour — maybe as much as two, or three hours — in the company of men and women without once asking myself the question whether I was in fact conversing with a coprophiliac.

    'Overdrive': An Exchange

  • EZ, with all due respect, whatever possessed you to want to breathe the same air as that useless coprophiliac?


  • I'm compelled to write like this, though, because of the legalese that cascaded from the guy's mouth like excrement from a coprophiliac in the throes of violent emission: "THE ARTISTES have stated that they will sue any website on which unauthorized pictures of them appear."

    Drowned In Sound // Feed

  • Dear Gabacho: Methinks we have a coprophiliac in our midst-how else would you know the ethnicity of toilet taggers?

    Dallas Observer | Complete Issue

  • On such occasions, he might refer to her as a hetaera (a high-class whore) or a coprophiliac (someone who eats excrement).

    The Typewriter Is Holy

  • I mean, I AM a coprophiliac, but that’s beside the pointand my therapist says I’m virtually cured anyway.

    Regretsy – Poll


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