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  • An Egyptian race thought to be descendants of the ancient Egyptians.
  • The principal sect of Christians in Egypt and the valley of the Nile.


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  • How on earth would you suggest that the copts are the ones enabling mayhem and destruction?

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Alleged Anti-Christian Riot in Egypt

  • Egypt has a population of about 78,887,007 in 2006.10% is Christians, 9% copts. 9percentage of 78,887,007 is about 8millions, so 4 millions Copts were forced out of Egypt.

    It’s Hard to Be an Anti-Zionist Jew « Blog

  • Report Abuse poor copts! back in the day, when we rode in on our heavy horses, the first thing we did was massacre everything we saw, including the christians who'd been living peacefully among the infidel since the time their prophet walked the earth.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • Egypt; Treatment of Christians 1 of 3. islam muslims copts egypt christian abuse islamic worse than gaza - Articles related to Vodafone Qatar says to sue regulator over Virgin

  • Egypt won't let the christian copts build new churches or often even repair existing ones ... occasionally the muslims riot at their whim to butcher a few dozen christians.

    Ace of Spades HQ

  • Perhaps America should take in those victims of Muslim oppressed victims as immigrants (like copts, assyrians), why the hell Somalis - the pirate infested nation.

    Refugee Resettlement Watch

  • I have printed a few copts of a small pamphkt on Lab.ab. al.HI. with an etching of the beautiful illumination in it, which I mean to give to my particiriar IHends.

    Literary anecdotes of the eighteenth century; comprizing biographical memoirs of William Bowyer, printer, F. S. A.

  • "zone_info": "huffpost. world/blog; world = 1; nickname = jamal-dajani; entry_id = 194442; algeria = 1; copts = 1; egypt = 1; h1n1 = 1; hysteria = 1; israel = 1; jerusalem = 1; jerusalem-gay-parade = 1; jews = 1; lebanon = 1; middle-east = 1; muslims = 1; palestine = 1; palestinian-territories = 1; swine-flu = 1; swine-hysteria = 1; terror = 1; terrorism = 1",

    Jamal Dajani: The New Terror in the Middle East: Swine

  • We SHOULD be waging a "crusade" against these bastards who machine gun copts at Christmas servcies in Egypt, and blow up churches in south east Asia and Nigeria.

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  • half of them were in jail and the high army made a deal with them to leave them the power and let the high army which means the people rule the army not to prosecute and the Muslim brotherhood rule Egypt, and Obama administration is supporting them. this is the end of the story, but all i could hear juses will not leave his Christians copts people. Top headlines


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