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  • n. A cell surface receptor that binds a signaling molecule in addition to a primary receptor in order to facilitate ligand recognition and initiate a biological process, such as entry of a pathogen into a host cell


co- +‎ receptor (Wiktionary)


  • With a few apparent exceptions,18 HIV enters its target cells of the immune system by first binding tightly and specifically to one of the many kinds of proteins on their surface, and then reaching over to bind another protein called a coreceptor.

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  • But CD 4 can't do the job all by itself Since the late 1980s scientists worldwide have been racing each other to discover another "coreceptor" on the surface of T-cell lymphocytes (immune-system cells that are particular targets of HIV) and other cells.

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  • Some humans are resistant to HIV because they burn the bridge that the virus uses to invade the cell: They have a broken copy of the gene for a coreceptor.

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  • Prototypic T cell receptor and CD4-like coreceptor are expressed by lymphocytes in the agnathan sea lamprey.

    Stuck on you, biological Velcro and the evolution of adaptive immunity - The Panda's Thumb

  • Kato M, Patel MS, Levasseur R, Lobov I, Chang BH, et al. (2002) Cbfa1-independent decrease in osteoblast proliferation, osteopenia, and persistent embryonic eye vascularization in mice deficient in Lrp5, a Wnt coreceptor.

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  • The CD4 versus CD8 lineage specification of thymocytes is linked to coreceptor expression.

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  • Consistently, the VEGF coreceptor NRP1 promotes angiogenesis and tumour growth in gliomas.

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  • Thus, decrease in the length or removal of glycan from these regions could potentially expose the binding site for CD4 or coreceptor, thereby influcing viral infectivity or susceptibility to neutralizing antibody.

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  • Structural studies have suggested that V1-V2 loop may play a role in occluding CD4 and a coreceptor binding site

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  • Amara A, Le Gall S, Schwartz O, Salamero J, Montes M, et al. (1997) HIV coreceptor downregulation as antiviral principle: SDF - 1α-dependent internalization of the chemokine receptor CXCR4 contributes to inhibition of HIV replication.

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