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  • In our current state of affairs we need a great AG. corin

    Blitzer: Could John Edwards finally pick a candidate?

  • Think about the impact of that every day between now and November and really ask yourself if holding on to resentment that your candidate lost is worth it. corin

    Dem leaders urge superdelegates off the fence

  • I'm voting for Hillary and I hope the superdelegates and the people will vote for the good of the country and not for race or party. corin

    New Clinton ad stars Maya Angelou

  • Obama is now the overwhelming favorite among 18 - to 29-year-olds, men, and postgraduates corin

    Clinton chastises press for ignoring sexism

  • When McSame gets through outsourcing your jobs (pro NAFTA), cutting your healthcare, cutting social security and foreclosing your homes, Canada and Mexico will start to look awfully tempting. corin

    Obama beats back criticism over head of VP search

  • He will make a great president for the United States. corin

    CNN Poll: Obama losing support

  • The only books i read from Kevin J. Anderson were the dune jihad prequels which he wrote together with herbert. these were first entertaining (butlerian jihad), then boring (machine crusade) and at last become total crap (battle for corin).

    Win 6 Books from Kevin J. Anderson's "The Saga of Seven Suns" Series

  • to my surprise, they played the entire album, beginning to end. all of them already familiar to me. with a ten minute interlude between the 1st and 2nd song because corin's peddle needed to be tightened. some guy from the crowd just happend to have a screwdriver. "yeah, this is THE screwdriver corin used to fix her peddle, man!" another guy said, mocking a stupid stoner voice. "i'll like , never wash it again!"

    Archive Monday: Send in the Clowns

  • i did not want him to. so there. so there i walked home singing sleater kinney thinking maybe some time someone pawed at corin tucker and she didn't say anything at the time but she went home and wrote a song.

    mitten Diary Entry

  • i LOVE them! wow my girls are wearing jcrew silk taffeta dresses in "burnished olive" (sounds gross, i know) but they picked their own style … so two are wearing the delores, one wearing the lorelei and one wearing the corin.



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