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  • n. A long-bladed knife, slightly curved and widening to the point, used for cutting standing Indian corn.
  • n. A small sharp knife with a blunt point, for paring and removing corns.


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  • The scars on the faces of those students at Heidelberg are accounted badges of honor, but they cannot compare with the big scar on my left knee that came to me as the free gift of a corn-knife.

    Reveries of a Schoolmaster

  • I must never go to the garden without a heavy stick or a corn-knife; she had killed a good many rattlers on her way back and forth.

    My Antonia

  • I split the melons with an old corn-knife, and we lifted out the hearts and ate them with the juice trickling through our fingers.

    My Antonia

  • Lena never told her father; perhaps she was ashamed; perhaps she was more afraid of his anger than of the corn-knife.

    My Antonia

  • I'll come over with a corn-knife one day and trim some of that shape off you.

    My Antonia

  • But he got hold of a bit of iron one day that he attempted to make into a corn-knife, but the stuff would not hold an edge, so he reasoned it would be a claw-hammer; but that would be a loss of overplus, and he tried to make an ax-head.

    The Lincoln Story Book

  • Then he unlimbers a sword like a corn-knife, reaches out a rough hairy paw, and proceeds to yank our young hero rudely from the fond embrace.

    Torchy and Vee

  • Aunt Martha used to bring us flowers for the office table, and it was her delight to sit down and take out her corn-knife -- as she called it -- and go after the town shams.

    In Our Town

  • An 'how they tuk him an' nailed him onto a cross when he'd come down fer nothin 'but to save 'em; an' stuck a spear big as a corn-knife into his side, an 'give him vinegar; an' his own mammy a-standin 'down thar on the ground a-cryin' an 'a-watchin' him an 'he a-fergivin' all of 'em then an 'thar!

    Hell fer Sartain and Other Stories

  • The corn-stalks stood like a host armed with brazen swords to resist the onslaught of that other force whose weapon was the corn-knife.

    The Uncalled A Novel


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