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  • n. The west coast, or a portion of the west coast, of the Bay of Bengal.


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  • Her handbag went into a Chinese coromandel cabinet inside the front door; in the early days she had left it lying around anywhere, then Delia had objected, explaining that, since the bag held a firearm, she must conceal it.

    Naked Cruelty

  • Too few specimens have been found to even confirm it as a distinct species, which means it's living under a borrowed scientific name - Hoplodactylus stephensi var. coromandel, "the Coromandel version of the Stephen's Island striped gecko" - even though it's clear to experts that it is morphologically and genetically distinct from its Stephen's Island cousin.

    Archive 2007-01-01

  • He was alone in his chamber, amid its pastoral scenes, with his feet propped on the andirons, half enveloped in his huge screen of coromandel lacquer, with its nine leaves, with his elbow resting on a table where burned two candles under a green shade, engulfed in his tapestry armchair, and in his hand a book which he was not reading.

    Les Miserables

  • We had yellow skies, blue nights, and red dawns, forests of coromandel ebony, and lavender misted mornings streaked with marigold.


  • A gold-leaf, coromandel screen opened to reveal a bar.

    Heart Of Stone

  • Without looking at her, he walked to the gold-leafed coromandel screen and opened it to reveal the bar.

    Heart Of Stone

  • Rhoda took their battered hats, led the women upstairs for hairpins, and presently fed them all with tea-cakes, poached eggs, anchovy toast, and drinks from a coromandel-wood liqueur case which Midmore had never known that he possessed.

    A Diversity of Creatures

  • It was essentially "English," in that there was inspiration plucked as if from an antique store of the past: coromandel screens, once in the home of the eccentric Marchesa Luisa Casati; decorative Meissen china; and rounded bowls with floating-cloud Chinoiserie patterns.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Why aren't the supposed people of the land, taking action over the mining of the coromandel and the new dam destroying hundreds of acre of native bush down south .. stop saying what can i get out of this country, and start saying what can I do to help my country, after all that's what you say you want.

    National Business Review (NBR) New Zealand

  • We traveled up to cape jackson, the northernmost portion of the coromandel and hiked a bit. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at


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