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  • v. Present participle of corroborate.
  • adj. supporting


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  • Then Fitzgerald could still justify pursuing the less important witnesses to obtain corroborating evidence.

    A Plame Too Far |

  • Unfortunately there is evidence that makes it look as if he might have done it -- what they call corroborating testimony. "

    Crooked Trails and Straight

  • If anyone who reads this email feels the need to obtain corroborating confirmation of Mr. STRINE’s total lack of SEAL credentials, they may contact the Public

    Heroes or Villains?

  • Repudiated in Mark, fraught with theological implications, and very light on what I'd call a corroborating detail.

    Not All Atheists Are Mythicists

  • King hypnosis if King goes back and gives the agents "corroborating" evidence.

    The American Psychological Association and the Missing Ethics Investigation

  • The spectacular failure of Frank Churchill's final letter to explain his actions strikes me as a kind of corroborating testimony for the novel's unwillingness to bring its multiple strains together.

    Unanswerable Gallantry and Thick-Headed Nonsense: Rereading Box Hill

  • After tossing him a few softballs about the sex tape - and in the process proving that the former senatorial aide is unclear on the difference between "corroborating" and "collaborating" evidence - she went for the gold.


  • In Ireland she receives 'corroborating' evidence of a child psychologists report that states the child has been sexually abused and is showing signs of distress and trauma, the Family Court will not accept the report into evidence because the mother obtained it and this apparently, in the Family Court's view is a 'biased' report.

    Brain Blogger

  • I still haven't read a single 'corroborating' story in the MSM regarding yesterday's rather sensational story about the alleged Supreme Court decision.

    Conceptual Guerilla - Central Command in the War of Ideas

  • Dr. Gelles specifically tells King that, if he offers 'corroborating' evidence to the NCIS, he might be able to give King the hypnosis that he seeks [to help determine what is real and what is not real]. "

    The American Psychological Association and the Missing Ethics Investigation


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