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  • n. The quality or property of corroding or being corrosive, of eating away or disintegrating; acrimony.
  • n. Such property in some immaterial agent.
  • n. Some property characteristic of a corrosive substance, as its taste.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The property of corroding, eating away, or disintegrating; figuratively, an analogous property in some immaterial agent.
  • n. Some property characteristic of a corrosive substance, as its taste.


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corrosive +‎ -ness


  • The remediation guidance could be updated this summer, when investigators receive more data about toxic drywall's long-term corrosiveness, according to Davis, the CPSC spokesperson.


  • When the couple sees actual data about their arguments, they sometimes can let go of some thought patterns and bickering that are causing corrosiveness in the marriage.

    Laurie Israel: "Divorce Tourism" - American Style

  • She said there is virtually no difference in corrosiveness between Canada's oil-sands crude and other heavy crudes.

    Oil-Sands Pipeline Fuels Concern

  • But nothing can disguise the fact this is a flawed piece, in which Hellman can't decide whether she is writing about the corrosiveness of false accusation or the power of buried sexual passion.

    The Children's Hour - review

  • There's also a strong element in there about the corrosiveness of revenge.

    THE PRICE - in more ways than one...

  • If there are children, the corrosiveness caused by fighting over money will spill over into the children's emotional well-being for their entire lives.

    Laurie Israel: Don't Let Your Attorney Hijack Your Divorce

  • I think at this point there is so much corrosiveness among the rank and file on both sides that there is a good chance that the supporters of the defeated candidate will sit the election out.

    Hillary Supporter Ed Rendell Pitches Hillary-Obama Ticket, Or Obama-Hillary

  • "The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements," but supplies billions in aid to build them, opposes the legitimate right of Palestinian refugees to return home, backs the corrosiveness of a racist and belligerent Zionism, supports conflicts against an occupied people, and rogue Mahmoud Abbas Fatah elements to divide, conquer, and solidify Israeli hardline rule.

    Printing: Obama's Outreach to Muslims - Empty Rhetoric, Same Old Policies

  • Fortunately it is not surrounded by the corrosiveness of a modern city or factories.

    More from Borobudur

  • A few thoughts: 1. One might suppose that a wise Latina’s life experiences would have taught her the corrosiveness of statements smacking of “my kind of people do it better thanÂyours.” 2. Without ultimately trying to derail Sotomayor’s nomination, there is value in trumpeting her shortcomings rather persistently because, if done well, it can cost Obama some of his political capital.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Anti-Anti-Sotomayor:


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