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  • n. Plural form of corrosive.


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  • To make war without an army, to support an army without pay, to frame the hearts of a whole people to peace who were unanimous for war, and this without saying a word either in private or public; to dispose the Netherlanders favourably to herself and to Leicester, by refusing them men and money, brow-beating them for asking for it, and subjecting them to a course of perpetual insults, which she called "corrosives," to do all this and more seemed difficult.

    History of the United Netherlands, 1587b

  • In our previous tests of faucets, those with PVD finishes resisted scratches better than those without them, but corrosives like drain cleaners stained them slightly.

    Builders' Show: A new bronze age?

  • (Marriage 15) in which, as in alchemy, the elements are melted down by means of corrosives and then reconstituted as the illuminated text as their transformation, described by Blake in the last line of

    Romanticism, Alchemy, and Psychology

  • Dishwashing detergents often contain phosphates that pollute water; wood polish often contains toxins like nitrobenzene; and laundry detergent may contain bleach and other corrosives.

    Christopher Gavigan: 5 Secrets Conventional Cleaning Product Manufacturers Don't Want You to Know

  • They may not instigate trouble -- the reign of terror is just several miles away, but they add explosives and corrosives to the fire.


  • This is also, fundamentally, why post-modern excesses (Deleuze, Rorty, Derrida, Said, et al.) in the west serve as corrosives rather than beneficial correctives to malignancies that manifest themselves within the ideological and information front of the general conflict.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • But first the notion that man has a body distinct from his soul, is to be expunged: this I shall do, by printing in the infernal method, by corrosives, which in Hell are salutary and medicinal, melting apparent surfaces away, and displaying the infinite which was hid.

    The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

  • However, there are still many cleaning product manufacturers that formulate and distribute cleaning products that contain neurotoxins, endocrine disrupters, severe irritants, corrosives and many other substances that are harmful to human and environmental health.

    Eco-labeled pesticides! Are your hands on fire yet? | The Greenwash Brigade | Marketplace from American Public Media

  • Poverty and want are generally corrosives to all kinds of men, especially to such as have been in good and flourishing estate, are suddenly distressed, [2266] nobly born, liberally brought up, and, by some disaster and casualty miserably dejected.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • For it is also thus in nature: the greatest balsams do lie enveloped in the bodies of the most powerful corrosives.

    Religio Medici


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