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  • noun Plural form of corse.


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  • At the anniversary feast in 1743 there were two tables to provide for, the total number of guests being about thirty, and two "corses" to each.

    The Social History of Smoking

  • September 29th, 2009 at 12: 33 am only if those who need/want to improve literacy skills actually read them but saying that any books papers should be able to do the same if you are asking because you or someone you know needs or wants help go to your local library or adult education centre to get advice and info on what help or corses are available

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  • Tehy nevuh manidjed to stop dem – sekritly eye don think dey wantid too – dey jus wantid to watch teh squizzuls plae on teh obstikle corses

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  • January 8, 2008 at 3:39 pm iz okeh. cud bees da betterer. mah furniss no wurk. fot wuz da ferm- thermo- *sign* sum liddle fings not cost mutch. corses nawt. iz valve…

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  • And to see how the corses lay; some, as fair as death in sleep; with the smile of placid valour, and of noble manhood, hovering yet on the silent lips.

    Lorna Doone

  • When the last of the rude habitations had fallen, crashing, to the earth, the victors began their retreat towards the frontier; so that within a very few hours after they first appeared, as if bursting from the earth, amid the amazed barbarians, nothing remained upon the place of conflict and site of a populous village, save scattered ruins and mangled corses.

    Nick of the Woods

  • Shawnee corses, in the cave by the river-side; which loss he commemorated

    Nick of the Woods

  • Turning to the corses that still lay on the couch of leaves where they expired, Nathan began with little ceremony, and none of the compunction that might have been expected, to rob them of their knives, guns, and ammunition, with which Roland, selecting weapons to his liking, was soon well armed.

    Nick of the Woods

  • A glance: French corses strew the plains in heaps;

    La Chanson de Roland : Translated from the Seventh Edition of Léon Gautier

  • The discovery that the five human beings he had contributed so much to destroy, were part and parcel of the very band, the authors of all his sufferings, the captors of his kinswoman, abated some little feelings of compunction with which Roland had begun occasionally to look upon the gory corses around him.

    Nick of the Woods


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