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  • n. Plural form of cortex.


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  • The study, funded by Tetris 'makers and authored by investigators at the Mind Research Network in New Mexico, shows that playing the classic puzzle game had two distinct effects on the brains of research subjects: some areas in the brain showed greater efficiency (the blue areas in the diagram above), and different areas showed thicker cortexes, which is a sign of more grey matter (red).

    Why Homeschool

  • Without a feeling of safety and community, these kids cannot get their pre-frontal cortexes engaged in learning.

    Ramaa Reddy Raghavan: Thoughts on Mindful Awareness Practices in Education

  • The potent cocktail of hormones, the fact that our prefrontal cortexes aren't quite developed, and the instant publicity the Internet can provide have all contributed to an unprecedented era of sex blogging.

    Karen Owen's powerpoint: sex and autobiography

  • Those of us with functional cerebral cortexes will take that advise for what it is worth and spend a few minutes laughing at how stupid you are

    Think Progress » Red Cross financial aid Scott Brown voted to kill now assisting Massachusetts relief efforts in Haiti.

  • If we as a nation had the strength to detach from the glittering, flickering baubles beamed into our cerebral cortexes and mute the bleating klaxons, we'd realize that the "news" spouted from many a sneering, slanted mouth is pure carnival barking, and we'd see what America has allowed itself to become.

    Steven Weber: Step Outside

  • These are complex personalities, their cerebral cortexes shimmering with floating worlds, universes that would have floored our sheepherding, fig-eating, analog ancestors.

    'Super Sad True Love Story'

  • Teen promoters are well aware that they can only demand money if there are no people with fully developed frontal cortexes involved and way too many kids with no ability to successfully predict the consequences of spontaneous and silly decisions are invited, in the hundreds.

    Vicki Iovine: Girlfriends' Guide to Teenagers: Smells Like Teen Spirit -- All Over My House!

  • Perhaps we are now subliminally doing cross training on our prefrontal cortexes while we shudder and shriek with things like "can you believe they just did that?"

    Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D.: Twinkie Diet: Empty Calories, Full Wisdom

  • People who can use their prefrontal cortexes to the greatest degree are highest in cognitive horsepower.


  • Adults are better at acquiring a new language—that is, adults look more like kids with underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes—when they are distracted and not concentrating too hard on what they are learning.8 The researchers taught college students a modified form of American Sign Language ASL in which the students learned to sign simple sentences such as “I help you” and “You help me.”



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