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  • n. A generic name of the touracous, picarian birds of the family Musophagidæ: a synonym of Turacus, which antedates it in use.


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  • The rich avifauna (400 species in the Victoria Falls region as a whole) includes a wide range of waterbirds along the river above the falls, and birds such as Heuglin's robin Cossypha heuglini, Knysna turaco Tauraco corythaix, and trumpeter hornbill Bycanistes bucinator in the falls 'rainforest' area.

    Victoria Falls National Park, Zimbabwe

  • A rich and varied bird life is found here, including forest species such as the trumpeter hornbill (Bycanistes bucinator), Knysna and purple-crested louries (Tauraco corythaix, T. porphyreolophus), crested guineafowl (Guttera pucherani) and the crowned eagle (Stephanoaetus coronatus).

    Eastern Zimbabwe montane forest-grassland mosaic

  • Among the birds, the Knysna lourie (Tauraco corythaix), Knysna warbler (Bradypterus sylvaticus, VU), Knysna woodpecker (Campethera notata), chorister robin-chat (Cossypha dichroa), and forest canary (Serinus scotops) are all near-endemic to this ecoregion.

    Knysna-Amatole montane forests

  • There are a number of bird species occurring which are found only in the forests and bushlands of the southern African coasts, including brown scrub-robin (Cercotrichas signata), Knysna turaco (Tauraco corythaix), Knysna woodpecker (Campethera notata), Knysna scrub-warbler (Bradypterus sylvaticus, VU), Chorister robin-chat (Cossypha dichroa), and forest canary (Serinus scotops).

    KwaZulu-Cape coastal forest mosaic


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