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  • n. Of a subgroup, a copy of that subgroup multiplied by some element from the parent group.


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  • I recall just enough group theory from university that I sometimes think of PCs as being like a coset of 2 elements – the +1 version and the -1 version, which thus are an unoriented element.

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  • To Moshe, as you say, there have been studies of time dependent string backgrounds, orbifods of flat spacetime, coset constructions, linear dilatons etc.

    Our First Guest Blogger - Lawrence Krauss

  • My understanding is that a few examples have been explored, such as linear dilatons, coset constructions etc. but that either there was still a static metric (Einstein or string frame) or there were unresolved issues of instabilities.

    Our First Guest Blogger - Lawrence Krauss

  • Using a combination of mathematical tricks and careful programming, we were able to solve a complete coset of H, either optimally, or with sequences of twenty moves or less, on a single desktop PC, at the rates shown in the table at left.

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  • Each coset would take a "good PC 20 to 30 seconds to sort", said Prof Davidson, meaning it would take a huge amount of time to compute with a standard desktop PC.

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  • At an optimistic 20 seconds per coset, this would have taken a reasonable PC the best part of seven months to solve, and the team started to look around for a supercomputer to carry out the processing for them.

    The Register

  • This coset is used by our leaders to imply this without faith because they use law there own law not gods law.


  • The main idea is to use Theorem 1 to trap most of X inside a coset progression, at which point one can use Fourier-analytic additive combinatorial tools to show that the distribution is "smooth" in some non-trivial direction r, which can then be used to approximate the discrete distribution by a continuous one.

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  • This is essentially a sharp characterisation of such sets, except for the fact that one would like a more explicit description of these coset nilprogressions.

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  • Euclidean geometry, the relation between figures that can be superposed by rigid motions modular arithmetic, the property of integers having the same remainder on division by a given modulus ring theory, the property of elements of a ring lying in the same coset of a given ideal matrix theory, the property of matrices relating to the same abstract algebra, an equivalence relation which respects algebraic operations

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