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From co- +‎ sleep.


  • Whenever I write a post where the fact that we cosleep is mentioned, I get a comment that asks me to share more about how it works, why we do it, etc.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • I do babywear (less now than I used to), I breastfed (nipple and pump, although we began supplementing with formula at around nine months and with solids at around four – if gelato and broth count, that is), I cosleep, I believe in the inherent humanity of my children and am generally willing to allow him to experiment with things like choosing his own foods, choosing his readiness to pottytrain, etc.

    feminist mothering. « Love | Peace | Ohana

  • My little one wakes once or twice each night and, because he doesn't want to get up and party or anything (hence putting me in the "lucky" category), he just goes back to sleep with a little nursing or cuddling (we cosleep).

    The Science Of Sleep

  • If I didn't cosleep or carry him in a sling, I would not get any sleep or be able to do any work during the day except hold him.

    Moms take down Motrin - Feministing

  • I didn't CHOOSE to cosleep - we were just all happier that way.

    Let's call an end to this war

  • People think that we cosleep because it is what Alex wants.


  • If you are certain that you want to cosleep with your baby, we recommend you purchase the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper or a similar cosleeping device.

    The Gallagher Guide To The Baby Years

  • * That because we cosleep we don't have a sex life!

    brile Diary Entry

  • That being said, I have friends who do cosleep and enjoy it. Latest News

  • We cosleep and have for the past 13 years with all of our children. Latest News


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