from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Plural of cothurnus.


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  • I also like to talk about why so much action takes place offstage, and how technical requirements cothurni, big honkin' masks, audience members sitting really far away made actual action quite difficult to represent.

    Dramatic Despair

  • They had stopped up the holes in their cuirasses with the shoulder-blades of quadrupeds, and replaced their brass cothurni with worn sandals.


  • They marched with a bold step, rattling their heavy cothurni on the paving stones.


  • He brushed the dust off her cothurni; he wanted her to put a quarter of a pomegranate between her lips; he heaped up garments behind her head to make a cushion for her.


  • Such of the Ancients as held commands had come in purple cassocks, the magnificent fringes of which tangled in the white straps of their cothurni.


  • Suddenly Matho put on his cothurni, buckled on his brazen jacket of mail, and took his helmet.


  • Matho had relapsed into his former melancholy; his legs hung down to the ground, and the grass made a continuous rustling as it beat against his cothurni.


  • Comedians wore the _socci_ or slippers, and tragedians the _cothurni_.

    Roman Antiquities, and Ancient Mythology For Classical Schools (2nd ed)

  • At first no sound broke the stillness of the night, save the laboured breathing of the weary runners and the strokes of their leathern cothurni upon the hard ground; but soon other noises came to mingle with these and, at last, to drown them: the lowing of thousands of cattle, now scattered far and wide over the plain and hillsides, and then the distant clash of arms and the cries of combatants.

    The Lion's Brood

  • Naked but for his torn tunic and his cothurni, covered from head to foot with blood and mire, his left arm hanging useless, and his face like the face of a dead man, neither his miserable plight nor his story brought softness to the stern lips and brow of the general.

    The Lion's Brood


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