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  • n. An arboreal, diurnal New World tamarin Saguinus oedipus


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  • Little bluestem, sideoats grama, lovegrass tridens, multiflowered false rhodesgrass, Arizona cottontop, plains bristlegrass, and other mid grasses are dominant on deeper soils.

    Ecoregions of Texas (EPA)

  • Brushy species from adjacent dry uplands occur at the margins, such as honey mesquite, huisache, blackbrush, and lotebush, with some grasses such as multiflowered false rhodesgrass, sacaton, cottontop, and plains bristlegrass.

    Ecoregions of Texas (EPA)

  • Arizona cottontop, sideoats grama, green sprangletop, and false rhodesgrass are dominant mid grasses on these soils.

    Ecoregions of Texas (EPA)

  • The article that just came out in OnEarth, How to Save a Monkey, talks about a two decade project to help save endangered cottontop tamarins in Colombia, Proyecto Titi, spearheaded by Anne Savage.

    Eco-mochilas and so much to do!

  • In the case of cottontop tamarins, Snowdon and former psychology graduate student Katherine - latest science and technology news stories

  • (PhysOrg. com) -- Among monkeys that split child care responsibilities, sharing extends to dinnertime, but grudges do not, according to research published July 14 in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Pairs of adult cottontop tamarins will share food, upholding the cooperative breeding hypothesis that expects members of species that share the burden for raising young are also motivated to help each other in other ways. - latest science and technology news stories

  • What cottontop would like to do is have this set up as a diary.

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  • I have never been in the market, but feel its 'time to protect my money. ole cottontop, and I need some good advice The Motley Fool

  • A group of cottontop tamarins were played a variety of music, including Bach, Led Zeppelin and Miles Davis, but they only reacted when heavy metal rock songs by Metallica were played.

    Impact Lab

  • Until a couple of months ago, the cottontop tamarin monkeys lived in a laboratory in Wisconsin, where they could hear other animals in the laboratory but could see only the other members of their immediate families and the human laboratory staff. RSS - home


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