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  • n. Plural form of cotyledon.


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  • In cows, and other ruminating animals, the internal surface of the uterus is unequal like hollow cups, which have been called cotyledons; and into these cavities the prominencies of the numerous placentas, with which the fetus of those animals is furnished, are inserted, and strictly adhere; though they may be extracted without effusion of blood.

    Zoonomia, Vol. I Or, the Laws of Organic Life

  • The seed inside the drupe, also referred to as the kernel, has two cotyledons, which is characteristic of [[dicot]] plants.

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  • The seed inside the drupe has two cotyledons, which is characteristic of dicot plants, and is white and meaty before roasting

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  • The seed inside the drupe has two cotyledons, which is characteristic of

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  • All animals with no front teeth in the upper jaw, and all those which have them in both jaws and whose uterus has not one great blood-vessel running through it but many close together insteadall these have in the uterus the so-called cotyledons (with which the umbilical cord connects and is closely united; for the vessels which pass through the cord run backwards and forwards between embryo and uterus and split up into smaller vessels all over the uterus; where they terminate, there are found the cotyledons).

    On the Generation of Animals

  • Embryonically derived tissues such as cotyledons generally showed more defective vascular patterning than did true leaves.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • (called "cotyledons" or seed leaves) increase in length, they gradually withdraw from the seed whose contents they have exhausted, and the young plant enters upon an independent existence.

    Elements of Structural and Systematic Botany For High Schools and Elementary College Courses

  • The first delicate pastel-green leaves on the seedlings of these mighty trees are borne on shoots that spring up through the centre of broad, dark green, disc-like cotyledons.

    Country diary: Millyford Bridge, New Forest

  • The seedlings were thinned as soon as the first true leaf filled out the space between the fleshy cotyledons, and when all risk of frost was over they were allowed into the garden.

    Gardens: the changing of the gourd

  • Tournefort and the natural method; he took part neither with the buds against the cotyledons, nor with Jussieu against Linnaeus.

    Les Miserables


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