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  • n. Alternative form of counterevidence.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Contrary or rebutting evidence; evidence or testimony which opposes other evidence.


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  • Its claims are often attractive, but the analytical apparatus can be shaky: correlation is confused with causation; counter-evidence is ignored such as those who put down small bets but never enjoy large returns; the role of circumstance or luck is underestimated; and some facts seem cherry-picked to push the message.

    Where the Action Is

  • Now I could have seen their willingness to form a union as counter-evidence to laziness.

    Matthew Yglesias » Neighborhood Diversity

  • However, my personal observations provide substantial counter-evidence.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » But Isn’t It a Bit Hard to Predict With a 7-Year-Old?

  • Indeed, I think that widespread support for free markets is based more on belief in their inherent morality than on belief that they promote economic growth, potentially explaining the religious fervor of free-market fundamentalists defending their faith despite the considerable counter-evidence provided by recent events.

    Eric Schoenberg: Zombie Economics and Just Deserts: Why the Right Is Winning the Economic Debate

  • They even go to the extent of denying the most clearly formed and documented counter-evidence.

    Jillian York: Paranoid Politics: The Denial of Islamophobia

  • We couldn't wage our current wars without the all-volunteer military whose recruitment goals get fed every year by idealistic young people, who continue, despite all counter-evidence bursting off the front pages, to buy into the romance and excitement of war and armed do-goodism that the recruiters, with the help of a vast "militainment" industry, peddle like so many Joe Camels.

    Robert Koehler: Peddling War to Children

  • Evidence and counter-evidence: Essays in honour of Frederik Kortlandt (2008), p.417 (see link): "In a number of papers Kortlandt (1988a, b; 2000; 2003) has suggested that the ejectives that both he and I reconstruct for Proto-Indo-European changed into preglottalised stops in Proto-Germanic before they became plain voiceless stops in the individual daughter languages."

    Against the *dkmtóm camp

  • Career-minded reporters and editors judged that the smart strategy was to play up the anti-Iraq WMD claims – even though they came from dubious and self-interested sources – and to play down or ignore the counter-evidence.

    Printing: Who Betrayed 'Objective' Journalism?

  • In the decision, the Iowa Supreme Court cited counter-evidence showing the same-sex couples can be good parents.

    Philip N. Cohen: Same-Sex Marriage and Children, What We Don't Know Shouldn't Hurt Us

  • The complaint ignores the existence of counter-evidence, employs one maneuver when it is self-benefiting and opposes the same maneuver when it goes against them, attacks not just the recount but votes that were counted for Franken all along, and overall throws everything against the wall to see what sticks.



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