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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To check or control by opposing influence.


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  • While I hope Ms. Keith has her facts in order, this book would go on the shelf next to ‘Silent Spring’ etc. where it would be a welcome counter-influence.

    The Vegetarian Myth | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • He tried vainly to think of her as a person to be pitied — a person with a morbidly sensitive imagination, conscious of the capacities for evil which lie dormant in us all, and striving earnestly to open her heart to the counter-influence of her own better nature; the effort was beyond him.

    The Haunted Hotel

  • The briber might, in the shelter of privacy, behold with his own eyes his bargain fulfilled, and the intimidator could see the extorted obedience rendered irrevocably on the spot; while the beneficent counter-influence of the presence of those who knew the voter's real sentiments, and the inspiring effect of the sympathy of those of his own party or opinion, would be shut out. 9 9

    Representative Government

  • The United States needs this Puritan society as a counter-influence to Tom Jefferson's intolerantly secular one.


  • As a result, a determined provincial administration, in conjunction with its municipalities, can exert a significant counter-influence on fiscal policy to that of the federal government and, in conjunction with large agencies such as a hydro-electric power corporation, can have a major impact on domestic capital markets and, through foreign borrowings, on capital flows and exchange rates.

    Canada's Economy—Can We Advance Back to Reason?

  • How was a one-day "integrated" picnic going to counter-influence these representatives of prejudice rooted deep in the psyche of the American white man for four hundred years?

    The Autobiography of Malcolm X

  • He was careful to keep her within the shady bounds of that world of no doubtful character, which he found wherever he went, hovering on the borders of the world of avowed honesty and respectability, jealously guarding her from every counter-influence, however good or beneficial.

    My Little Lady

  • The reason is that there is some powerful counter-influence at work.

    Oomphel in the Sky

  • It is first the church, embracing with her hierarchy all the countries of Germanic and Latin civilization, next the burgher class with its city confederacies and common trade interests, and, finally, as a counter-influence to these, the secular territorial powers, who succeed in gradually realizing some form of union.

    Introduction to the Science of Sociology

  • I traced the matter zealously, and soon perceived that it all depended on the situation of my soul: if this was not turned in the straightest direction towards God, I still continued cold; I did not feel his counter-influence; I could obtain no answer.

    Confessions of a Fair Saint. Book VI


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