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  • One lesson we can learn, coming later to this revolt, is the importance of organising a constructive counter-power to the forces of reaction, who will work hard to protect the institutions in which they have a vested interest.

    Ed Miliband needs trade unions

  • But Blackwater is a symptom of a larger problem which is also more terrifying: basically what the Bush administration has done is use its time in office to fund and create a dangerous counter-power to the very government it is leading.

    John Cusack: The Real Blackwater Scandal: Build a Frontier, You Get Cowboys, Part II

  • The time will soon come when a democratic counter-power to the hegemony of late capitalism or Empire, whatever floats your boat will have to come into being, economically, socially and culturally.

    Burning Down the House

  • The use of mobile communications to coordinate political demonstrations was pioneered by the anti-WTO protestors in Seattle, achieved a significant political milestone in the Phillipines anti-Estrada protests, and now is being adopted by police ‚ – a classic arms race of power versus counter-power.

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Firenze: Police Adopt Smart Mob Tactics

  • That said, “sousveillance” is a narrower and more entirely insurgent idea, clearly arguing for counter-power.

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Sousveillance is not transparency

  • Their clandestine efforts, for all their power, suggested the existence of a formidable counter-power.

    Kajira Of Gor

  • That counter-power, I suppose, for want of a better name, might be referred to as that of Priest-Kings.

    Kajira Of Gor

  • But I know my brother Saxons, I know their strength, and I know that the Celtic genius will make nothing of trying to set up barriers against them in the world of fact and brute force, of trying to hold its own against them as a political and social counter-power, as the soul of a hostile nationality.

    Celtic Literature

  • There was no time, when it was so capable of being indirectly useful as a _sedative_ in order to the application of the remedies directly indicated, or as a counter-power reducing to inactivity whatever disturbing forces might have interfered with their operation.

    Specimens of the Table Talk of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  • Social conditions are more favorable now for building counter-power than ever as well.

    Anarchist news dot org - Comments


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