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  • n. A blow delivered in return.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • n. A blow delivered in return of a previous blow by somebody else, such as an opponent in a boxing match.

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  • n. a return blow; a retaliatory blow


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

counter- +‎ blow


  • She gave no thought to fending off a counterblow or to raising any sort of defense.

    Guild Wars: Ghosts of Ascalon

  • All the blows give to this miserable creature forcefully struck the imagination of this mother and, bya sort of counterblow, the tender and delicate brain of her child....

    Archive 2005-02-01

  • Then, for what seemed like forever, it was all shouting, blow and counterblow, screams and blood and last-minute parries, and far too many people trying to kill his Queen.

    Exile's Valor

  • Minute by minute, you have a blow, a counterblow, a legal action, a countersuit, and so forth.

    CNN Transcript - Reliable Sources: Is the Press Making Sense of the Election Morass or Hyping the Melodrama? - November 25, 2000

  • [Castro] I believe the people dealt a remarkable political counterblow.

    Holds News Conference

  • He paused in London long enough to put his two younger sons into a school at Denmark Hill, where they suffered like martyrs under the stinging tongue of a sadistic headmaster, who goaded them about the German prefix "von" and never ceased mentioning their nationality in class, blaming them for every local success of Hindenburg and Ludendonff, and rejoicing with indecent glee at every counterblow of Foch or Haig.

    An Autobiography

  • He lay there in tense perplexity, realizing that he'd probably have only a single chance to strike a counterblow.

    The Emperor and the Monster

  • The machinery parts were under control of the independently thinking and acting Orgh, which had answered the interference with a deadly counterblow.

    Unleashed Powers

  • The robots would have noticed the revolution brewing and prepared themselves accordingly for the counterblow.

    Spaceship of Ancestors

  • However, this is being compensated by counterblow, although our own forces there are relatively weak.



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