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  • adv. In a countercyclical way.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

countercyclical +‎ -ly


  • Yep, and the bill also contains some measures like that (including, I believe, authority for the FDIC to countercyclically increase DIF contributions).

    Matthew Yglesias » Regulating Leverage is More Important than Regulating Bubbles

  • In the past, conventional wisdom held that real-estate holdings ran countercyclically to the broader economic cycle, and that it was wise to devote from 5% to 15% of an investor's portfolio to the sector.

    A Surprising Shelter

  • The discretionary part of public expenditure will always be small compared to the "automatic stabilizers" namely to those parts of public spending that expand and shrink countercyclically and therefore track the business cycle to stabilize the economy.

    What Obama Could Learn From Cameron

  • Since states cannot print money and thus cannot spend countercyclically in a recession, they are least able to provide UI benefits when people need them most.

    Janice Nittoli: Back to Basics on Social Security

  • Rather countercyclically, the cost of a 30-second spot has increased since 2008 and now stands at $3m.

    The Super Bowl ads weren't that super

  • The central idea behind Spain's system is to smooth economic peaks and troughs by acting countercyclically.

    Spain's Bank Capital Cushions Offer a Model to Policy Makers

  • "We have usually been happy when we have invested countercyclically," --

  • In this era of uncertainty, a short on any asset class that has the propensity to spike countercyclically -- that is, when the market tanks -- is doubly dangerous. The Motley Fool

  • This is from a letter written in 1942 to James Meade, who had suggested varying the payroll tax countercyclically.


  • "One would wish that we could operate countercyclically and expand the number of people we employ," Levin said in an interview Tuesday.

    Yale Daily News: Latest Issue


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