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  • adv. in a manner contrary to intuition or common sense

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  • adv. in a counterintuitive manner


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

counterintuitive +‎ -ly


  • Almost counterintuitively, personal religiosity has a stronger connection to some opinions that do not involve religion per se than on whether religion plays a positive role in society.

    American Grace

  • As much as I love heirlooms — especially the counterintuitively green, and burgundy, and yellow and red zebra-stripped kind — I was more than happy to leave that to the hedge-fund crowd and to heirs of the dynastic wealth rather than of the vegetable variety, both of which seemed well-represented.

    Tomatoes Under the Hammer

  • The future of the printed book versus the Kindle, Nook, etc., is the subject of my research for, almost counterintuitively, a possible printed book.

    Strangely, a Printed Book Seeks Its Nook

  • That's why when his characters are acting counterintuitively to everything that's come before, I get pissy.

    And so it begins...A Torchwood CoE Press Review

  • If a corporation wishes to create public advocacy for their cause in the form of a following (i.e. make politicians want to help them be successful), they have to counterintuitively avoid it - something very few CEOs have the cojones to do ...

    10 posts from December 2009

  • Also counterintuitively, kids who started first grade at too early an age had problems later in life and lived shorter lives.

    Revealed: The Secret to Long Life and Happiness

  • The real problem with income inequality is counterintuitively, it causes government growth.

    Envy, Happiness, and Social Policy, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Unlike a lot of other television personalities who straddle that insufferable line between narcissism and insecurity -- they believe the world revolves around them but they desperately need you to believe it, too -- Rick's ego has always been bulletproof, and it's counterintuitively made him a breeze to be around because he has nothing to prove.

    Chez Pazienza: I, Sanchez

  • Perhaps counterintuitively, corridors make a place feel larger because they lead you to imagine what might be beyond the room you're standing in.

    In the Mood for In-Between Spaces

  • The gain stems, counterintuitively, from an accounting rule under which banks record profits when the market value of their debt declines.

    Accounting Quirk Juices Net


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